Movie Maker as an Instructional Tool


Lesson #2- Making Movies

The Program

  • Movie Maker is a editing software program developed by Microsoft. Movie Maker was first introduced on Microsofts Windows XP platform and was a preloaded feature on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Movie Maker enables you to create your own movies and slide shows on your computer. User are able to create professional looking videos with features like; titles, transitions, effects, music, and narration. Movie Maker allows users to to publish or share their movies through a variety of medium. Movies Maker is available free to download for XP, Vista, and Windows 7. If your school does not already have Movie Maker software installed you should talk to your administration and/or IT department about installation.

Before We Start

There are a couple of things to consider before we get started. You will need to decide what types of media you would like to use. And, What kind of movie you are planning to make. Movie Maker allows users to import all types of digital media; images, video, sound, and effects can be added as well. Your video could be a slideshow of images or you could incorporate your digital video(s) to create an actual movie. It is up you to decide what your movie look like. At this point it would be a good idea to locate the images and/or video clips you would like to use.

    Here are a few tips before we begin:
         *locate your media and save them to a common folder where you can access them faster
         *make sure each media file is saved under a name you can easily recognize
         *If you have already decided how to organize your media you could add numbers to the filesnames to indicate the order in which you plan onn using them

The Homepage

Step #1 Importing Media