Module 1 - The Importance of Local History and it's Sources and Sites

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Module Goals:

1. Understand the Power of Learning in Place

2. Recognize Content Sources - What are we looking for?

3. Understand and be able to desciribe the potential in applying local sites and stories to your current curriculum

4. Begin to Identify and Document Sources


1. Watch the Introduction

2. Read and Explore the websites below. As you examine them keep in mind our Lesson Goals. You will find many ideas that will inform your of teaching Local History. Please be sure to explore the links on both websites as they are rich with ideas and resources. All three of these websites are great long-term reference guides to the power of teaching at or in the prescnce of local landmarks. There are many lesson ideas and guides and they point out opportunites for educators.

The Power of Place - as you look at this National Park Service website think of places near you that use to strengthen your lessons.

Teaching & Learning with Historic Places - there are lots of great ideas and sample lessons on this site.

U.S. Local History: A Resource Guide - a great website by the Library of Congress. Read the Introduction as it builds the case for teaching local history. Then browse the site for ideas. Look at the Resources in other Formats tab for enlightening sources.

3. Browse these simple examples of ready to use resources. We will use these simple phamphlets as we move through the course.

The Nanticoke Valley Historical Society Presentations Look at the 16 Page Site Pamphlets

4. Look for and list the potential sources in your area and post it here.

List Your Resources

5. Reflection - After reading and watching the activities in this module reflect on how you think local finite history might be helpful to your lessons?

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