Lessons: 8-13:


At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  1. Obtain visual and audio media using books, the internet, and a microphone for voice recording.
  2. Insert media into Microsoft Movie Maker according to the completed storyboard.
  3. Upload the completed Digital Storybook to Youtube.

Teacher Materials:

Teacher Materials:

Student Materials:

  • Textbook, notes, posterboard, note cards, pens/colored markers, computer with internet access

Guided Practice:

  • Divide students into their groups to begin designing their story
  • Have students divide responsibilities according to the project instructions
  • Monitor student progress and assess student performance accordingly, watching for objectives at the beginning of class and checking for some type of product at the end, whether it be development of the story or creation of the storyboard.



US History Through Digital Storybooks

ETAP 623 Spring 2010