Lesson Two Goals of the Course


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Define the core components of the course and the ultimate training goal.

  • Content and Scope of the Course
  • Content of the course in relation to the incoming students
  • Consider what type of material you are teaching.

Performance and practical skill development

  • What kind of environment is needed to do the course?
  • What values, attitudes, are different between course and students?
  • What is the theoretical context for your course: Is it appropriate for online learning?
  • What are you assuming the students to know at the start, and at the finish of the course?

Consider the students you intend to train.

  • What kind of time constrains are they facing to study?
  • What kind of special instructions or references will support their learning?
  • How do you want them to communicate about the subject?

Homeopathy as an example:

  • Core Components
  • Content and Scope of the Course
  • Philosophy and Principles of Treatment
  • Materia Medica
  • Repertory
  • Case Management
  • Type of Material

Performance: The processes of case taking, researching the remedy selection are practical skills with steps to completion

Environment: The location of the class in this case can be that the professor or teacher of the course must have a well-organized desk and computer files where materials for teaching are located. Students will need recommendations of what books, computer requirements and software that will be needed for the course, and also ideas about how to manage their learning environment.

Attitudes: The transition from prescribing pharmaceutical drug to combat foreign agents of disease – to the homeopathic prescription of a remedy that is matching the symptoms of an ill person that the same substance would cause in a healthy person is a very strange transition of treatment paradigm. It usually takes student a number of months to get used to one remedy, one dose, for each individual patient, in contrast to a prescription of taking 50mg every 6 hours for three weeks.

Also Homeopathy’s philosophical concepts are open to discussion and contemplation a process which is not common for scientific medicine.

Theoretical content for online learning: Homeopathy is an ideal subject for online learning

At the start:

At the finish: