Lesson Two- Creating a Google Classroom


Designed by Amanda Anagnostakos

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Learning Objective

Learners will extract information from articles in order to create their own Google Classroom page.

Before You Begin

Watch the first video on the Teacher Center page: Welcome to Google Classroom

This video provides tips and tricks from educators in order to introduce you to all that Google Classroom has to offer.


Why do you want to use Google Classroom?

  • Would you like to streamline your teaching experience?
  • Are you looking to maximize your potential as an educator?
  • Does the thought of the never-ending paper stack on your desk give you nightmares?

Impacts Google Classroom has on Teachers

With the objective of increasing classroom effectiveness, teachers aim to enhance student engagement by making student experience more independent and personalized (Azhar & Iqbal, 2018). In providing an appropriate and differentiated experience for your students, you may feel overwhelmed with the time that this requires. With the help of Google Classroom, teaching is a more streamlined experience. You are able to access your grade book from your computer while staying bed on a lazy Sunday morning instead of getting up and going through the hundreds of assignments that you have yet to grade.

Google Classroom is equipped with many features that are beneficial directly to educators.

  1. Eco-Friendly: Gone are the days of stacks of paper cluttering every surface of your classroom! Easily upload and modify assignments for each class.
  2. Ease: Google Classroom is very easy to navigate and provides a multitude of options for assistance
  3. Accessibility: Google Classroom can be accessed from any device, anywhere at any time.
  4. Communication: Educators can communicate and share work with students and parents.
  5. Instant Feedback: Google Classroom allows educators to see how their students are doing real time. They can add comments right on assignments, and grade papers without having to take out a single book.

Impacts Google Classroom has on Students

Google Classroom is an innovative, 21st century tool that allows students to learn on the go. The ease of use and practicality are some of the benefits to students. It allows students to be organized and access their classes at the push of a button. They are able to keep all of their assignments organized, which in turn, provides them with a better learning experience. Students are not only able to keep their assignments organized, but they can search through them and reflect back on prior information learned in class. Students can collaborate with peers and teachers, taking the guesswork out of group projects! Students are able to not only submit their assignments, but receive feedback and resolve any concerns from their teachers right on their work! These features play a huge factor in student engagement and student performance.

Watch: A Student-Friendly Google Classroom Tutorial

Google Classroom Student Guide
This shows what the students see when they are beginning to use Google Classroom. You can share this with your students when giving out your initial invite to the Google Classroom.


Create Your Own Google Classroom Account: Make Sure You Have a Gmail Account

  1. Go to Google Classroom Homepage
  2. On the Classroom Home page, click Add →Create class.
  3. Enter the class name.
  4. To enter a short description, grade level, or class time, click Section and enter the details.
  5. To add a subject, click Subject and enter a name or click one from the list that appears when you enter text.
  6. To enter the location for the class, click Room and enter the details.
  7. Click Create.

(Google for Education)

Moving On

You can move on to Lesson Three- Utilizing a Google Classroom when you have created your own Google Classroom.


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