Lesson 6: How can these strategies be used for co-teaching situations new or existing



Learners will anticipate potential issues in a co-teaching scenario and apply knowledge from previous lessons to improve the situation.

Learners will identify positive and negative attributes of co-teaching scenarios, reflect on the benefits of co-teaching, and justify improvements to undesirable co-teaching situations.


Creating a co-teaching relationship can come naturally to some, but for others it may take more work and effort to get it right. You learned in the previous lesson the qualities and methods of effective co-teaching. In this lesson, you will analyze two videos of two different pairs of co-teachers and reflect on your thoughts and possible experiences with it as well.


Watch- Watch the following video of a co-teaching situation. Take notes on the following: What positive attributes, if any, does this pair of co-teachers exhibit? What negative attributes, if any, do you notice?

Watch- Watch this video of another co-teaching pair. Answer the "Thought Starters" provided under the video in the "Discussion" section. Respond to one to two other people. Collaborative Teaching

Discuss- In the discussion section of this lesson, respond to the following questions:

  • Compare the two co-teaching situations you observed in both videos. What issues could the pair in the first video potentially be having outside of what we can see in this short clip? How could these two teachers learn from the teachers in the second video? What major lessons could the first pair benefit from in order to create a more productive and effective learning environment for both the students and the teachers?


In the reflection portion of this lesson, respond to the following prompt:

  • What co-teaching method(s) do you think would be most beneficial to your teaching situation? Why?
  • If a fellow teacher was going into their first co-teaching experience, what are the top three pieces of advice/methods you would recommend to them? Why are these specific aspects important?


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