Lesson 3: Learners will discover the importance of mistakes and the power of yet.


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The Magic of Mistakes and The Power of Yet

Two main strategies regarding growth mindset are The Magic of Mistakes and The Power of Yet, as explained in ClassDojo Big Ideas.

  • Video #1: The Magic of Mistakes


Think about how making a mistake feels. Are you ever happy or proud of mistakes you make? Think about a recent mistake you made, how can we learn from mistakes? What does "mistakes can make you smarter" mean to you?

  • Video #2: The Incredible Power of Yet


Think about how you can improve the phrase "I can't do this.” Why is the word "yet" so powerful?

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The Magic of Mistakes and The Power of Yet in the Classroom

Both strategies are seen most often on classroom posters. Check out some examples below! (All photos screenshotted from Google Images).

MistakesPoster3.png MistakesPoster2.png MistakesPoster1.jpg YetPoster1.jpg YetPoster2.jpg YetPoster3.jpg

Need some more poster inspiration? Check out https://knowledgeworks.org/resources/classroom-printables-posters/

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Once you have contributed to the Padlet, begin thinking of strategies you could see yourself using in your own classroom. This will be helpful in our next (and final) lesson! Lesson 4: Learners will create their own strategy to implement in their classroom to promote and assess student mindsets.


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