Lesson 1: What Kinds of Professional Development for Educators is Necessary in Financial Literacy?

Lesson 1: What type of professional development is needed in order to provide effective instruction?

Opening Statements: During this lesson I want you to think about your experiences with professional development and what you have learned thus far regarding financial literacy. What is it that YOU need to know in order to be able to provide effective instruction? What types of materials? Tools? Media? Etc...

Reading: The Role of Teacher Professional Development in Financial Literacy Education: A Systematic Literature Review

Video: Financial Literacy 101 https://youtu.be/rZUh6qvMvNg

DO: Read the article and watch the video. Make note of all things that resonate with you. Prepare for a discussion with your peers.

Discussion: I want you to think about your experiences with professional development. Did you always feel like it was worthy of your time? Were you able to take away something useful for the classroom? Describe your ideal professional development experience and connect it to what you feel you may need to know to be able to effective educate students on financial literacy and money management.

Unit 2 Lesson 1 Discussion Thread

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