KNILT Wiki Tech Tricks


Purpose of this page

We will use this page to collect and share useful tricks for wiki editing and formatting. Feel free to edit this page to add a subheading for any "how-to" that you find helpful. You can use the Sandbox page to try out these tricks.

For instruction and help info on basic wiki editing functions, see Help:Contents.

Use of "My Talk" and Discussion pages

You will notice that each page you create (and just about any page you visit) has a discussion page attached to it. You will find a tab at the top that says that says "article" when viewing a page; next to it is a tab that says "discussion". The discussion page is for posting comments to the author of the article page you are viewing. You can post to the discussion page by clicking the tab and then editing the page.

You will also notice at the top margin each of us has a "user page" and "my talk" button. Jianwei has suggested that we do not use my talk. ~Diane

Regarding Talk/Discussions in KNILT

  • Discussions about the content of a particular page are discussed publicly. Click the "discussion" tab of that page and "edit" it to add your comments/questions/ideas.
  • To be notified about the discussions of your pages (or other pages of your interest), you need to click "watch" for that page. If you want to receive an email about the changes, you need to go to "My Preferences" and check: "E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed"; "E-mail me when my user talk page is changed."
  • If you want to talk to a particular classmate, use that user's talk page. After you edit her/his page, that user will see a message at logging in. (Source: Jianwei's email to Anne)--Anne Canale Stalnecker 09:55, 25 February 2008 (EST)

How to add an image from the Internet to a wiki page?

Find an image online, right click on the image and copy its address, go to your page and paste the address into <img>address</img> (no space). Save, and this image will then be embedded into your page.

Using small icons in text

In browsing through the mini-courses created in past years, I noticed that some people used neat little "icons" or small pictures next to different tasks or topic headings. Does anyone have any idea how to do that?

Answer: Such small icons are image files uploaded and included in the wiki text. There are already quite some icon images used by folks, so you can reuse the same icons that you like. Click an icon image that you want to use, you will see it opening in a new page, showing its file name. Copy that file name into your wiki page to reuse it. For example [[Image:pin.gif]]Performance Objectives will show as

Pin.gifPerformance Objectives