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ETAP 623 Fall 2011

Online/blended learning group

Alex De Kweldju: LOOP IN PASCAL Course

Suzanne Hayes : Developing Learning Communities Through Blended Learning Activities

Information Literacy/ college/ Job readiness

Fiona Grady: News Literacy

Hend Elsantaricy: Before You Copy

Nathan Lockett: College Attainment

Lydia Ashley Graduate Student, ETAP Fingerprinting

Science & Social Studies

Joe Walker: Biology of HPV Mini Course

Nicole Carey:Issues of Cloning

Susan Hereth: The Hudson River as the Context for Learning

Language learning

Anna Maria Wing : Writing Instruction using Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Mengxin Song: Interesting Chinese Characters: A Big Picture of Chinese Writing System

Matthew Gunderman: Introducing iBT TOEFL Speaking

Wesam Saleh: Teaching English Punctuation for the ESL students

Arayoan Tylec: Integrating Digital Storytelling in the Foreign Language Classroom

Math learning 1

Serafina Chinappi: Making Math Problematic

User:J. McCarthy: Case Study of Models in Math Instruction

Hailey Pozniak:Customary and Metric Units of Measurement

Math learning 2

Jenna Tyler: Teaching Mathematics for Understanding

Victoria Keller Word Problems in Mathematics: Teaching/Student Strategies to Comprehend Word Problems

Jamie Davis: Pythagorean Theorem

Stephen Lyons: Welcome to the Graphs of Life

ETAP 623 Spring 2011

Math Group1

Kaitlyn King: ETAP Student Problematic Mathematics: PBL designed for the math classroom

Steph Conklin ETAP Student, Math teacher, An Instructional Case on Project-based Learning in a 10th Grade Special Education Mathematics Classroom Steph Conklin's Portfolio Page

Joseph Pudlewski: CDIT student Quadratic Modeling with the TI-Nspire: An Instructional Case

Language and literacy

Ildefonso Correas Apelanz. Gaming in the Classroom: An Instructional Case

Huei-Cheng Lin etap student; Chinese language teacher Huei-Cheng's Portfolio Page Instructional Case:Mini Course: Play "Go Fish" in Chinese

Kristina Rosenberg Response to Intervention

George Ryon, a CDIT Student, prepared George Ryon's Portfolio in order to design the mini-course Digital mobile devices as a teaching tool for phonological awareness.

Health and Science

Donna Joyner ETAP Student Donna Joyner - Case Studies in Neurology

Kimberly Barss CDIT student, Biology and Anatomy and Physiology teacher Kimberly Barss: Portfolio Page Mini-course: Preparing Students for Success in Biochemistry and Chemical Bonding.

Social Studies

Susan Fenstermacher ETAP Student Design Project: Theme Project - Native American Indians

Sun Hee Seo CDIT student, Ethics teacher Sun Hee Seo's portfolio page Mini-course Essential Guide to Online Teaching

Lawrence Moultrie CDIT STUDENT Design Project Theme: Using Project Based Learning to Teach The United States Constitution (An Instructional Case)

Faculty Development (higher ed)

Michael Lucatorto: CDIT student Michael Lucatorto's Portfolio Page Mini-course: Instant Screencasting: Quick and Basic Screen Capture for Online and Hybrid Instruction

Francia Reed student ETAP From Teacher-Centered to Learner-Centered, A Faculty Mini-course

Math Group2

Tara Akstull etap student Tara Akstull's Portfolio Page Mini-course Problem-based Learning in Math through Technology

Matthew Fay CDIT Student

Design Project: Using Real World Data to Teach Statistics and Probability

Other Topics

Laura Kraebel CDIT student in ETAP 623 Laura Kraebel - Portfolio Page - Integrating Technology into the Music Classroom

Maria Urquidi Learner - Maria Urquidi's Portfolio- Introduction to Project Based Learning

April Taylor CDIT student - Design Project Incorporating Problem Based Learning Using the Scientific Method

ETAP 623 Fall 2010

Math and Science Group

Jennifer Krol: Better Understanding of Mathematical Concepts through the Graphing Calculator

Christine Podgorski: Portfolio for Models: A Case Study for Instructional Tools.

Social Studies Group

Laura Bartlett: Understanding and Integrating Interactive Student Notebooks in the Secondary Classroom

Colleen Organ: Teaching Using Technology

Michael Flynn: Teaching Socials Studies for Understanding

Jamilah Jones-McLean: It's All Greek To Me! (An instructional case on integrating a variety of sources)

Language Arts Group

Sue Rappazzo: Understanding Dyslexia and Severe Reading Disabilities Sue Rappazzo: Understanding Dyslexia and Severe Reading Disabilities

Christina Nash: Using Fan Fiction and Instructional Conversation to Increase Student/Text Involvement

Vivian Richelsen: Using Smartboard Technology to Teach the Future and Conditional Tenses (An Instructional Case)

Yang Huang: Let's Speak Chinese!

New Technology Group

Christopher Compson: Collaborative Writing Utilizing Online Environments

Melissa Pietricola: Web 2.0 for the 21st Century Educator

New Curriculum and Learning Environments

Ashley Setter: Action Research.

Nicole Pierson: Metacognitive Study Strategies for College Students

Donna Alese Cooke: Garden-Based Learning Across the Curriculum

Chris Poulopoulos: Creating a Bully Free Environment

ETAP 623 Spring 2010

Technology Integration Group

Anne de la Chapelle: Using the E-Learning Best Practices: A Guide for Faculty to develop a quality online course

Jason Chwirut: Mini Course: Camtasia Studio

Meredith Kelly: Moving to Word 2007

Math and Science Group I

Tamara Niquette: Integrating Technology in Mathematics

Yue Ma: Global Warming: An Instructional Case

Math and Science Group II

Jamie J Woodcock: Models: an Instructional Tool

Nichole Keiper: Using Excel for Statistics

Patricia Murphy: Basic Number Properties

Language and Literacy Group

Melissa Filotas: Promoting Reading Comprehension in the Early Grades

LindseyAlongi: Foreign Language 2.0: Benefits and Implementing Online Communication

He Zhou:TOEFL ibt Independent Writing Step-by-step

Chaeyoung Jun: Strategies to teach children vocabulary

21st Century Skills and Tech Group

Kimberly Young: [1] 21st Century Skills and Technology in the Social Studies Classroom

Vanessa Warner: Application of PB Works in the Classroom

Social Studies and Inquiry

Sarah Graham: Career Exploration Mini-Course

Mike Porter: US History Through Digital Storybooks

Frank Engle: Slavery Unit

ETAP 623 Fall 2009

Language learning group

Online learning group

Special needs group

Science and math group

Student engagement and interaction group

ETAP 623 Spring 2009



Colleen DePuy Developing Student Skills for the Constructivist Classroom

Dan Fountain Effective Social Studies Classroom Discussion

Lindsey Wilson Varying the Level of Inquiry in Science Lab Activities

Augustine Fucci Motivating the Mathematics Student

Colleen Bryla Data analysis for differentiated instruction

Amy Fleury Educational Gaming - Is it a valid resource?

Jason Kozel Snagit: Instructional applications

James Ranni Reducing Student Stress Through Instructional Practice

Susan Towey Educate with GoAnimate

Annmarie Parathiras Using MOO's to Foster Literary Understanding

Stephanie Ames Strategic Reading Across the Content Areas

Bonnie Blood Reading Strategies in the High School Curriculum

Melissa Stepanian: Podcasting (Melissa Stepanian's Portfolio Page.)

Kristina Lattanzio Developing Music Analysis Skills Using Feedback, Composition And Technology

Instructional Case Reports

Todd Lewis: Todd's Portfolio Page Improving Geography with the Help of Google Earth

Kristina Lattanzio: Developing Music Analysis Skills Using Feedback, Composition And Technology

Elizabeth Kinney Collaborative Learning with Computer Support (using examples of nutritional hazards)

Magaly Barreto Exploring Latin American Countries and Caribbean Islands

Ashley Keegan Electronic Portfolios for Middle School Students(Ashley's Portfolio Page)

Salvatore Viola Teaching rhythmic notation incorporating the theories of Multiple Intelligence "Let's Keep the Beat": Unit Overview and Goal

Christina Slojkowski Addressing misconceptions through collaborative learning Unit One Digestive System

ETAP 623 Fall 2008

Thomas Cutonilli: Simulations for Inquiry Course

Cheyenne Whirley: Digital Storytelling Course

Lisa Schell: Case-based Study of a Discussion Approach to Literacy

Xiyao Huang: Educational Use of Wikis Course

ETAP 623 Spring 2008

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ETAP 623 Fall 2007

ETAP 887 Spring 2009 Case Studies of New Knowledge Media

Vincent Amodeo WISE: The Web-based Inquiry Science Environment

Lorraine Emerick Second Life

Kevin Goodman Moodle

Julie Smit Digital Libraries and the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)

Patrice Torcivia World Watcher; Math Forum

ETAP 687 Fall 2008 Case Studies of New Knowledge Media

Yueh-Chen Weng:

Caitlin Donahue:

Xiyao Huang: Facebook & Social Bookmarking

Jingping Chen: Programming Tool for Children

Jane Wilde: Virtual_Worlds