Featured mini-courses from Fall 2020

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Our Fall 2020 class members have created a rich set of new mini-courses for teacher learning and development, covering timely topics such as: safe and supportive education during COVID-19, socio-emotional learning and wellbeing, culturally responsive teaching, innovative literacy teaching and learning, STEM and computer science education, collaboration using new technologies, and effective support for students with special needs.

Mark Gillmeister Reaching and Teaching Learners in a Hybrid School Model

Chelsea Cummings: Developing a Growth Mindset Within the Classroom

Allison McElheran How can students work together while being 6 ft apart?

Kristie Guerriero: The Zones of Regulation in the Elementary Classroom and Beyond

Riley Zink: Flexible Seating in Elementary School

Jessica Kurtz Incorporating Physical Fitness in the Classroom

Marissa Zuccardo: Incorporating Pragmatic Instruction for ELLs

Ashley Stapon:Guided Reading in the Elementary Classroom

Kim Kather: Revamping Writing for a Digital Age

Hope Connors: Incorporating Movement into Read Alouds Mini-Course

Andrew Wierl: Teaching Critical Literacy and Effective Research Skills

Brooke Ebersold: Incorporating Computer Science K-12

Joseph Russo: Designing a Culturally Responsive Geometry Curriculum

Danielle Greene: Danielle Greene's Portfolio Page - Strategies for Promoting Scientific Inquiry Skills in the K-12 Curriculum

Gërt Arnold: Creative Engineering in the Classroom

Sarah Sweazy: Hands on Learning Benefits Through Virtual Science Labs

Alivia Clark: Incorporating Virtual Field Trips within Elementary Science Instruction

Max Burman: Utilizing Microsoft Teams to Design Instruction

Dorla Grant: Using Google Classroom as a collaborative tool in the classroom

Megan Proper: Students with Schizophrenia and Supporting them in the Classroom and at Home

Crystal Velez: Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism

Kaylee Fallat: Understanding and Applying Basic Behavior Components

Michael VanDoren_ Biography and Course Details: Understanding and Using Learning Modalities

Jonah Schumacher: Fostering Critical Thinking Skills using the Socratic Method