ETAP 623 Fall 2018 - Systematic Design of Instruction

ID process

The ETAP 623 class will use this wiki as a primary tool to create mini-courses, deploying your knowledge and skills learned about the ID processes. (Note: If you prefer to use Google Sites to create your online mini-course, please discuss with the instructor. We are testing this as a new online environment for building mini-courses, and have a test site set-up already.)

The goals of this wiki site is to provide an open space for co-developing public knowledge--collective educational know-how--in the service of continuous teacher learning, improvement, and innovation. When you contribute to this open space, please realize that any page you create here will be instantly accessible to other authors and visitors (if they search/open your page). If you have any concern about this openness or want to prevent your work from being publicly visited, please contact Dr. Jianwei Zhang at jzhang1(at) to negotiate a special setting or remove your pages from this site after your class is completed.

The ID Processes

  • The design project expects you to exercise the processes of instructional design as we study/read about each component/step of it in this course. The processes need to be documented in your project portfolio page.

Project Agenda

End Product

As your end product, you will produce a mini-course for teacher learning, such as Integrating_Metacognitive_Development_in_Mathematics_Instruction, with teachers as your target learner/audience;

Evaluation Criteria

  • This design process (portfolio) and end product (mini-course) will be evaluated based on the following Evaluation_criteria

General Suggestions and Feedback from the Instructor

* Please click here to see very helpful General Suggestions and Feedback

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  • If you are trying to find useful videos (e.g., classroom episodes, educational videos) that can be embedded in your mini-course, you may find this site helpful:

Video Tutorials about Wiki Editing

A few tutorials created by a former instructor: (adding and uploading images) (creating new linked pages) (copying code from someone else’s page, creating headings and table of contents)

Important Tip!

  • It is always a good idea to first draft your text in a word processing package and then save it outside of the wiki. Back-ups are always handy to have!

Class Members

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Below are some samples for you. Click on the "edit" tab on the top right hand side of this wiki page to see the text formatting/commands used to click these pages and links. You can also view it step by step in the video tutorial above (the second tutorial).

Sample: Elizabeth Johnston Transitioning from Patchwriting to Effective Paraphrasing (Spring 2016)

Sample: Amy Malbouf-Fealey Make Thinking Visual (Spring 2016)

Michelle Bodden White Working with Parents for Online Teachers

Emily Marfilius The Positivity Project

Annie Cartie | Including Personal Finance When Teaching Exponential Functions

Caroleann Del Juidice Mini-Course: How To Teach Rocketry

Sean Gunderman Creating a Trauma Sensitive Classroom

Kelly Smith | Exploratory Mathematics

Andria Auerrell Thematic Instruction - A Process for Theme Selection (Fall 2018)

Kristen Fischer Using the Bucket Filling Philosophy in our Schools

Eugene Kwasi Gyekye Engaging Students in Learning in English Language Arts Classrooms using WICOR

Melissa Nelson Exploring Guided Reading in the Primary Grades

User:Jamiecrofoot | Using Flexible Seating in the Classroom

Bridgette Proper Relating Math to the Real World

Josh McCormick Interacting with Your Home Environment the Montessori Way

Heather Kirk-Davidoff Designing and Using Essential Questions (Fall 2018)

Jeremy Magnan | Leveraging Podcasting in Contemporary Courses

Elizabeth Hume | Growth Mindset (Fall 2018)

Gina DeCianni ~ (Overview) Mini-Course ''Learning Styles'' ~ (Course) My-mini course "Learning Styles"

Ellie Quinlan Growth Mindset and Confidence

Dominick Mayo Authenticity in the Classroom

John Endieveri

Kristen Darling

Samantha Massaro

Andrea Stowell

Differentiation of Instruction

Mike Boland