ETAP 623 Fall 2014 taught by Byrne


The ID Processes

  • The design project expects you to exercise the processes of instructional design as we study/read about each component/step of it in this course; the processes need to be documented in your portfolio, such as these two:

Project Agenda

End Product

As your end product, you will produce

Evaluation Criteria

General Suggestions and Feedback from the Instructor

  • Please see General Suggestions and Feedback
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  • If you are trying to find useful videos (e.g., classroom episodes, educational videos) that can be embedded in your mini-course, you may find this site helpful:


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Class members

Amanda DuBois | Amanda's_mini-course~PBL

Sherri Lattimer | Google Drive for Collaboration

Emily Adams | Using Manipulatives

Tara Reed | Flexible Grouping

Amy Hawrylchak | Audio Learning

Elizabeth Walsh | Mini-Course: Flipping the Classroom with Edmodo

Zachary Cook | Mini-Course: Public Speaking and its effects on Elections in the United States in the Digital Era

Deb Byrne Sample page

Sara DiCaro | Creating Activity Based Lessons

Tibisay Hernandez | QR Codes as Media Tools in the Classroom

Michael Whitford | SMART Notebook 11

Keri Haas | Cameras in the Classroom

MaryBeth Cardone's Portfolio | Peer Evaluation

Aimee Dars Ellis' Portfolio | Teaching Metacogniton to Enhance Student Outcomes

Meghan Hammer | Autism Spectrum Disorders

Linda K. Ryder | Best_Practices_for_Using_Blackboard_Learn_9.1_Achievements

Jennifer Legzdin

Norana Cantrell | (Non-video) Games for Education

Jared Tiffin | Flipping your Classroom

Gregg Gudelinis Individualized Instruction

Alycia Jones | Grading with a Camera