"Let's Keep the Beat": Unit Overview and Goal

Author:Salvatore Viola

Unit Title

"Let's keep the beat" A unit designed to teach first grade students rhythmic notation

Unit Mission Statement

The principle that I am focusing on is the idea that MI presents a diverse curriculum that promotes an in depth understanding of the material by providing lessons that engage the students in their optimum learning environment. Multiple Intelligence, in essence, is a talent that a person has and excels in. Howard Gardner defines this talent or intelligence as "the ability to solve problems of to fashion products..." My lessons provide students with a means to develop their own MI and they aid in the transfer of knowledge. One of the most important principles of MI is its ability to motivate students to participate in the learning environment. In addition to my musical objectives I have designed my lessons to reinforce some aspect of classroom content.

Unit Goal

The student will Demonstrate knowledge of quarter notes, two eighth notes, half notes, whole notes and their corresponding rest by reading written music, performing their own music as well as others and connect musical theories to classroom content.

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